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Passion, care and professionalism are the core values of this company. From its foundation, the company carries out with enthusiasm and dynamism its mission : to create a high quality product with a unique style.The tailoring knowledge, result of a long and consolidated experience, high quality fabrics, style and innovation to create a unique product.The sophistication of the details, the choice of accessories and fabrics are an essential step in creating a product, for all this there is no compromise : maniacal care and use of high quality materials are essential. Advanced technology, highly specialized and efficient internal management allowed the company to provide a punctual and constantly high quality standard. The exclusive use of high quality materials, the use of highly specialized staff, the promotion of the sartorial culture, make it possible to get high quality products, but also its possible to experiment new project  like the new collections of jersey shirts and sport washed shirts.





Pietro Provenzale was born in Casalnuovo near Napoli  in 1938  in a family of tailors (father, grandfather, brother) ... more than a job ... a family passion …. Are needed many years of work and sacrifice in order to get decent results, but that does not frightens the young Pietro, who works in the tailors house and studied simultaneously cutting from the prestigious "Capparelli school" in 1962. Pietro, now young tailor, meets Filomena Affinito, an beatiful and expert shitmaker ... the two are married and the family grows. The sons, Giuseppe and Antonio, arrived at the age of majority decide to build on the experience of motherhood and opened a small shop to selling shirts of their production: thus was born the first store Affinito. Subsequently, born the idea of merging the expertise of Mr. Pietro, Mrs. Filomena and the inspiration of new generations :  was born the product Pietro Provenzale. Innovation, attention to detail, tailoring culture, impeccable fit and use of precious materials like essential concepts. Today, a bit 'of years later, Affinito stores have grown in number (there are 10 in Italy).The small workshop became a factory with modern and efficient of all the most modern tools. The project Pietro Provenzale has become the our pride: always improved in the name of philosophy that inspired it is now distributed at the highest levels in prestigious select shops around the world.

Hand made in Napoli

Pietro Provenzale was born in Casalnuovo near Napoli in 1938 in a family of tailors more than a job a family passion.
From its foundation, the company carries out with enthusiasm and dynamism its mission: to create a high quality product.
For the production of this fabric are used only yarns produced with cottons Makò long fibre, gassed,mercerized and dyed in the skein.
We have created an innovative product by combining the performance of Filo di Scozia with the tradition of Neapolitan tailoring.